The MilSat Challenge.

The future battlefield is become more connected as information dominance becomes a top priority.

All domain operations are highly reliant on secure reliable communications to connect sensors and shooters.

This concept will rely heavily on persistent satellite networks to provide secure management and communications support.

Today’s military SatCom is not configured to support the next generation of IoT requirements necessitated by the ABMS/JADC2 initiatives.


The Detraxi Solution

Detraxi is offering a new patent-pending SatCom architecture, Apparition, that fully digitizes the middle mile from the backend network/gateway to the satellite.

Apparition is delivered through five core building blocks:

Public/Private Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Services
Digitized Radio Frequency Technologies
Virtualized Ground Based Beamforming (VGBBF)
Radio Transport Protocol (RTP)
Thick-Route Optical Feeder Link (OFL)

Apparition enables a cloud based SatCom ecosystem removing all analog stovepiped hardware at the Gateway and replacing it with a fully flexible digital virtualized environment. Digitizing the middle mile additionally allows all the heavy lifting functionality of a high throughput satellite (HTS) to be placed on the ground delivering a simplified and far lower cost satellite, one that is capable of greater functionality than other computationally intensive onboard processor (OBP) proposed alternatives.

DoD Requirements

Bringing Satellite Communications Down to Earth