The state of the GEO satellite communications world today faces stymied growth with high bandwidth pricing and a highly fragmented service model based on inflexible, tightly coupled architecture. The ‘big-metal’ stance in today’s satcom networks results in no common infrastructure and suppliers that thrive on closed customization rather than standardization. The result is an industry entrapped in the hardware domain with stagnant pricing models. The current GEO satcom value-chain is maxed-out and the market is ripe for a new solution.

A disruptive architecture realizes untapped markets and growth via a lower-cost structure, unleashing higher utilization, and greatly enhanced value-added services based on open source terminal hardware. The Detraxi architecture enables a nimble and adaptive approach yet unseen in the satellite communications world.

The IP development centers around the foundation of a low-cost raw bandwidth satellite architecture which addresses the core market problem today. But with this game-changing architecture comes the ability to layer additional capabilities that further minimize unit cost, enabling a higher ROI while also providing a scalable platform to layer multi-functional and value-added services, all positioned to significantly drive down the total cost of ownership.


Bringing Satellite Communications Down to Earth