Cloud Computing/Virtualization



In the Detraxi solution the cloud data center becomes the satellite gateway. No complex onboard processing is required on the spacecraft with all flexibility and adaptability provided with heavy lifting on the ground in the virtualized cloud computing domain. In plain view costly legacy hardware both in space and on the ground, will be shifted into virtual operations, maximizing low cloud-based costs.

The geosynchronous satellite communications industry has changed little in the past 40 years and has resisted the software virtualization of the wider IT industry. An architecture locked in the past, restricted by RF stove piping and thus constrained in the hardware domain. It is a niche multi-billion-dollar industry reaching out for disruption and jumping forward to the capability of the wider IT, software, and communications industry. The maturation of software defined radios and software defined networking enables the true (NFV) Network Function Virtualization of the ground to space gateway operation.

With Detraxi, Cloud computing in the virtualized domain, will truly bring Democratized Advanced Technology to the satellite communications world.

Bringing Satellite Communications Down to Earth