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Detraxi is virtualizing satellite networking, moving it to the cloud and make SatComs more flexible, efficient and agile.

The Detraxi team are satellite and telecom veterans who recognize the unrealized potential of the next generation satellite network and have a clear vision how virtualization and the cloud will delivering much greater utility to both Commercial and the DoD.

Bringing Satellite Communications Down to Earth.

The Detraxi solution will enable functions such as networks security, beam forming, routing, provisioning and application delivery to be managed through the cloud. Moving the satellite network complexity to the ground reduces cost, improves efficiency and performance and enables satellite users to benefit from cloud-hosted, distributed apps in an agile environment.

Disruptive Technology Creates New Possibilities

Apparition is a disruptive technology that enables a cloud based SatCom ecosystem. It removes all analog stovepipe hardware at the Gateway and replaces it with a fully flexible digital virtualized environment. Digitizing the middle mile allows all the heavy lifting functionality of a high throughput satellite (HTS) to be placed on the ground delivering agile, cloud centric, low cost solutions with exponentially more functionality, redundancy and network security.
Detraxi is offering a new patent-pending SatCom architecture, Apparition, that fully digitizes the middle mile from the backend network/gateway to the satellite.

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